I haven’t typically been in the habit of choosing a “Word of the Year,” but a couple Decembers ago it struck me that my New Year’s word could be “Color.” I thought of it in the sense of seeing with fresh eyes and choosing to accept the bright and varied ways God opens new and unforeseen paths, as opposed to being stuck in the familiar, worn out ways that become stale and colorless. For 2017, Color it was.

It’s never a bad time to add new color combinations to crochet projects, either. This pattern is Lion Brand’s Modern Ripple Baby Blanket. I’ve been intrigued by Lion Brand’s Bonbons,” miniature balls of yarn in colors that make me smile. This was a good project to justify finally buying the Bonbons.

I love the bright rainbow colors against the crisp white. I made this as a gift for a “summer baby.” It was a fresh departure from softer baby colors for newborns.

I tend not to worry too much about gauge on ripple baby blankets, as long as the ending rows stay square with each other, but this blanket was one to watch. The white Pound of Love yarn and the Bonbons each produced a slightly different gauge for me, so paying attention to keeping my stitches loose in the color rows was important. Staying loose can be a challenge with single crochets.

The yarn industry has exploded with color in recent years. From palettes in every hue to variegated skeins and “cakes” with longer colorways, there is every opportunity to try new color combinations and find something special that makes you smile. Find yarn you love, and add new colors to your crochet life!

(I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post, and opinions and text are my own.)

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