Beauty and Enduring Things

Tea Time Magazine was originally a gift I received, years ago, from a dear friend. I haven’t missed an issue since. But the main attractions for me aren’t actually the features on tea–as informative and interesting as they are.

What draw me to linger over this magazine are the beautiful table settings and the diversity of china patterns featured in each issue. Every one is a feast for the eyes.

One of my favorite regular features of Tea Time is an article incorporating one pattern into three thematic table settings by blending it with different accent pieces and flatware. The settings might be traditional, or formal, or whimsical–depending on the combination of patterns, colors, and materials placed together on the table. It’s a great boost to any hostess’s imagination.

Each issue contains dozens of recipes appropriate to the season and to upcoming holidays. The menus are photographed creatively on china, accompanied by floral arrangements and flatware.

The September/October 2017 issue of Tea Time also happens to include a nice article on tea rooms in western Maryland.

Culturally, tea time is an invitation to slow down and to enjoy what endures: the love and company of family and friends, the results of human creativity, and objects of beauty that can raise the mind to God. Hospitality is one of the most ancient virtues of civilized history. Bringing our best to serve others honors them–be they family, friends, or strangers–in an important way.

Porcelain is durable; it doesn’t break easily. Fine china is beautiful. Both are symbolic of what a treasured cultural heritage can be.

(I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post, and opinions and text are my own.)

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