Of Course You Can

One of my earliest memories is my mother taking her friend upstairs to our hall bathroom to share the unique floral Marimekko shower curtain she had just designed and sewn. The fabric matched the wallpaper.

I must have been only three years old, but I remember being impressed with the idea that Mom could do anything. If she wanted something specific, with distinctive style, she could create it herself. This was a liberating concept with which to grow up, and that’s what a sewing machine says to me to this day.

Mom gave me my first full-size sewing machine for my birthday two years ago–Singer’s 9960 Quantum Stylist. Feeling like a teenager driving a new car, I made a lightweight shower curtain for the second full bathroom/guest bathroom in the home of a close friend.

The fabric is Joann’s 100% cotton “Flower Bursts Blue.” The mauve tones in the curtain matched the newly-painted bathroom walls. (Click on the photos to enlarge the details.)

The double curtain rod allows the plastic inner lining to slide separately from the decorative solid curtain. This makes it easy to keep the cotton curtain clean and dry and to wash or replace the plastic lining when necessary.

Mom helped me to design the curtain, turn the seams properly, and sew it all straight. Given that I had very little experience with a sewing machine, I was surprised how easy my Singer was to use.

I also appreciated the directions and advice of Diana Rupp in her personality-filled book, Sew Everything Workshop. With a clever attitude, she gives easy-to-follow directions and advice for simple projects designed for the sewing novice.

Our family’s Marimekko bathroom didn’t consciously inspire me to make my first project a shower curtain. But when I thought about it, it seemed just right that a curtain was indeed how I started learning to sew.

(I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post, and opinions and text are my own.)

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