Crochet for Charity: Mother and Child Education Center

It’s easy to make quick, simple newborn caps and booties when I don’t have the energy to follow complicated patterns or try new stitch combinations. Sometimes a one-hour (-ish) baby cap is just the thing with which to unwind (pun intended) or watch a movie. I also believe making a sweet baby cap is the perfect way to make the most of time spent with the evening news!

If you enjoy making caps and booties and find yourself with more rainbow-colored inventory than you have friends with baby showers, the Mother and Child Education Center may be the place for your baby-soft items to find the perfect homes.

Mother and Child is an independent nonprofit that provides support, education, and practical assistance to mothers during pregnancy and their children’s infancy and early childhood. Housed in a converted home, the center has an upstairs “boutique” in which women can try on maternity clothing to take with them. The basement is filled with baby and toddler clothes, diapers, blankets, and other necessary items that make life more comfortable.

There’s nothing like something handmade to add a personal, warm touch to a baby’s layette. Mother and Child Education Center is happy to receive gifts to pass along to their smallest new friends.

Mother and Child is committed to helping women and children from all backgrounds and languages to feel welcome and safe and to get the support they need. They provide classes, references, and parenting resources. You can add the handmade layettes that cross all language and cultural barriers when a mother needs encouragement. A small gesture of love can mean so much.

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