Bavarian for My Family

Having a great-grandfather with Bavarian heritage, I was delighted to discover there is such a thing as “Bavarian crochet.” Of course, I wanted to learn it; and I’ve been working with the book, Learn to Do Bavarian Crochet, by Jenny King (Annie’s Crochet).

It helps that I previously learned both front post and back post trebles while making a small baby blanket. They are the secret to creating the raised pattern characteristic of Bavarian and take some getting used to. It’s easier to become comfortable with front and back post trebles–and gauge consistency with trebles in general–before putting it all together.

Bavarian crochet is beautiful, distinctive, and unusual; but it’s not actually that complicated once you get used to the repeating two-round pattern. Most variations come in color schemes, directional shaping, and edgings.

I chose Cascade Yarns’ 220 Superwash Wool for my first, practice project. I am making a square baby blanket in alternating colors to learn the basic Bavarian pattern. My colors are Raspberry (807) and Winter White (910A).

I discovered Cascade Yarns about seven years ago while searching online for yarn in a very specific shade of orange. That search introduced me not only to a high-quality yarn company featuring Peruvian wool, but also to the merits of alpaca as a sheep’s wool substitute (a tale for another day). Cascade Yarns taught me that 100% sheep’s wool is not always scratchy, and I’m likely always to associate the soft feel of Cascade’s 220 Superwash Wool with memories of learning Bavarian.

(I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post, and opinions and text are my own.)

One thought on “Bavarian for My Family

  1. I didn’t know you were a bayerisches Mädchen! And I didn’t know there was such a thing as Bavarian crochet. My crazy relatives are more into their lederhosen, dirndl, and other tracht. They don’t crochet.


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