Ice Cream for Valentine’s Day

I’ve been flipping through issues of Crochet World for a couple years, and admired many patterns, but I never went right out to begin one until the February 2017 issue.

I just started the “Bubbles Blanket & Pillow” by Joyce Bragg. Of course, since she uses Lion Brand’s Ice Cream Yarn in Tutti Frutti, her pattern caught my eye.

There is an error in the printed pattern regarding materials. It says you need one ball, but this is impossible for a baby blanket and pillow set. Ice Cream Yarn is sold in 3 1/2 oz. balls and “Big Scoop” 10 oz. balls. I suspect you need one Big Scoop, at least, to complete this project. One small ball won’t do.

I like how the “bubbles” are created by alternating rows of shells. The shells form a substantial texture pattern that ought to be amusing for baby fingers. The bright, cheery pinks, yellows, soft greens, and corals in the variegated yarn make me smile.

This pattern is easy to memorize but provides enough variety not to be monotonous. It’s a good project for watching television or movies or traveling, when you want to crochet but can’t concentrate too hard.

I’ve used this blanket to work on loosening up my gauge. Because the shells are created by stitches of different heights (combinations of doubles, trebles, and singles), the pattern provides an opportunity to practice letting the stitches form in a way that is naturally comfortable for me (not pulling them too tightly while making each shell), while maintaining consistency. I hope this will help me create looser, softer blankets without increasing my hook size.

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