Can One Granny Square Be a Blanket?

Yes, it can, and a lovely one. Granny squares don’t have to be tiny–or boring. A pretty, self-striping yarn can make all the difference.

I’ve made several granny square projects. The drawbacks include sewing dozens of squares together and weaving in countless ends if I’m changing colors within each square. That’s why I appreciate Lion Brand’s Sherbert Granny Stroller Blanket pattern.


This is my completed Sweet Sherbet Baby Blanket in my Etsy shop. The pattern is free on the Lion Brand website, but you need to set up a log-in with an email address to have access to the pattern galleries. Once you’ve logged in, you can download and print patterns, and you can bookmark your favorites in your account for later.

Lion Brand’s Ice Cream Yarn colorways are some of my favorites ever. They just make me smile. This pattern uses Banana Split, and it’s a great project for a beginner to make.

Ice Cream Yarn is a 3-weight yarn, and the pattern requires a size I-9 hook, so the yarn is light relative to the stitch sizes. This gives the blanket an airy feel, but you need to watch your gauge so the square doesn’t become misshapen due to uneven stitching as you work. If you prefer, you can add a border of single stitches or your edging of choice to shore up the squareness; but it’s fine without a border if the gauge is even.

This blanket got good reviews from the sisters and brothers of my best friend’s darling newborn!

(I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post, and opinions and text are my own.)

2 thoughts on “Can One Granny Square Be a Blanket?

  1. We received a blanket that is one big granny square like this as a wedding present. We use it so much. The square design is great for cuddling up and watching fireworks or drive in movies. Great job!


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