These Hawaiian Waves Carry Memories

“Who goes to Hawaii for the weekend?” my coworker teased me. Well, I was going. Actually, it was a long weekend.

I’ve learned that one of the keys to happiness in traveling is being able to enjoy an experience without being concerned that “I don’t have enough time.” Simply being grateful for the chance to be there brings a lot of joy out of a few days. And my Waikiki weekend was one of those especially joyful times.

Hawaiian_LullabyThe flight to Honolulu, sitting next to two lovely older ladies, was how I began this vacation-appropriate pattern, “Stroller Blankie” by Lion Brand. (Lion Brand’s patterns are free on their website, but you need to register an email address to have access to their pattern galleries.) It’s made with Lion Brand’s “Ice Cream” yarn in “Lemon Swirl.”

I love to crochet on planes because it’s relaxing, it allows my mind to wander, and it’s a pleasant conversation starter with friendly grandmothers! My seat partners didn’t appear to be sisters, although they could have been sisters-in-law. They’d clearly known each other for decades. They told me Hawaii was on their special list of places to go and things to do (they wanted to see a volcano), and they seemed to have left their husbands at home for this holiday together which was clearly eagerly anticipated. Their enthusiasm for life was delightful.


After I finished my “Hawaii blanket,” I started the pattern a second time, using one hook size up (H-8) and substituting half-double crochet stitches for the single stitches. My gauge tends to be a little tight, and I wanted the blanket to breathe a bit more. These adjustments have created a blanket that is softer and more flowing to the touch, as well as a bit larger, of course.

With ripple or chevron patterns, I occasionally have had trouble with my first rows being a tiny bit looser than the rest of the blanket. As I crochet and the pattern takes form, the stitches tighten slightly. When the first few rows end up wider than the rest of the blanket, one end has a “smiley” look. I prevent this by starting a blanket with a hook one size smaller than the one I intend to use for the rest. After two rows, I switch to my main hook size for the rest of the blanket. It works like a charm!


(Sunset over Waikiki)

I hope my airplane friends enjoyed their Hawaiian holiday, saw that volcano, and went home with stories to tell their family. I had a wonderful time on that trip myself and made lots of beautiful memories!

“Too soon the sunrise will wake her from her sleep
So until tomorrow, sleep Hawaii sleep.”

— “Hawaiian Sunset,” sung by Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii

(I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post, and opinions and text are my own.)

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